Rent Control

Phil Querin: 10 Question and Answers on Oregon's New Rent Control Law

On February 28, 2019 SB 608 (rent control) was signed into law.  MHCO has received numerous questions regarding the new statute.  We asked MHCO Legal Counsel to review 10 of the most frequent questions and provide answers.  This is the first of many Q&As regarding Oregon's new law.  Click the file (10 Questions and Answers Regarding Oregon's New Rent Control Law) above for the complete question and answer.

MHCO Legislative Alert: Oregon Senate Committee Drops Rent Control in Amendment to HB2004A

This afternoon the Senate Committee on Human Services amended HB2004A with a dash 9 amendment that DOES NOT include rent stabilization, rent control or the elimination of the preemption of local rent control. The dash 9 amendment is attached below and replaces all of the language from the original HB 2004 that was introduced in January 2017. The bill moved this afternoon out of the Senate committee on a party line vote. Some Portland Democratic Senators have expressed their disappointment that the bill contains no rent control. That may ultimately doom the bill but not likely.

Oregon House Speaker Announces Major Push for Rent Control in 2017 Legislative Session

Good evening everyone. This story just broke in "The Oregonian" this evening. We have been talking about this since the February 2016 Legislative Session. Clearly this is a brutal reality that we all will be facing in 2017. If you were not concerned - you certainly should be now. In all likelihood we will have a long, vicious legislative fight on our hands.

Oregonian Article: Rents in Seattle ($2k) and Portland ($1,764) are fastest growing in nation

Editor's Note:  This article appeared in the "Oregonian" earlier this week.  Although the article's focus is Seattle and Portland and apartment rent this debate on rent will likely generate several rent control bills in the 2017 Oregon Legislature that will likely impact manufactured home communities.  MHCO continues to monitor the political situation and educate Oregon Legislators.  However, articles like this make it certain that urban legislators will seek some form of rent control.