Pass Throughs for Garbage or Sewer

Phil Querin Q&A - Landlord's Right to Convert Garbage Costs to Pass-Through Program

Question. Our city garbage company is going to increase my per space rate by six dollars per month per can, which is a drastic increase. I'm wondering if I have the legal right to back out of my base rent the current garbage costs, and then require our residents to pay directly. Our current rental agreements include the garbage in base rent, which means currently I will have to absorb the cost of the increase for everyone.  Any suggestions?

Phil Querin Q&A - Pass Through of Sewer Charges

Question. In 2011 we passed through sewer directly to our residents.  It was previously included in the base rent.  The total monthly sewer bill is $2,174.00.  We have 62 spaces and we divided the $2,174 by that number to get $35.00 per month per resident.  

We gave a 30-day notice stating the gross monthly amount of the sewer bill and the amount we were passing thru to each resident.  In our Statement of Policy it says that the sewer is paid by the landlord but that we could change that with a reasonable notice at any time.  Is there anything wrong in the way we handled this?