Non Payment of Rent

Phil Querin Q&A: Section 8 Resident Non Payment of Rent


Question:  In the past I have always worked successfully with residents on HUD housing vouchers (Section 8), but I have a resident who is now 2 months behind due to HUD not following through with payments. If this keeps happening, do I have to continue to allow Section 8 vouchers, or is it ultimately the responsibility of the resident to get us the rent on time! 


Phil Querin Q&A: 72 Hour Notice and Partial Payment


Question: A resident stops by the manager’s office on the 5th of the month and offers to pay $150 of the $350 of rent that is due, and promising to pay the remaining $200 by the 15thof the month.  The tenant claims that the landlord mustaccept the partial payment.  What are the landlord's options?  Can the landlord refuse the partial payment?  Where do you draw the line - say a 72 hour notice has been issued - does that change the partial payment scenario?


Phil Querin Q&A - Rent Tenders and Non Payment of Rent Evictions

Question:  We have a situation at our park that we have never encountered.  We have been dealing with a resident who has certain complaints against management, and finally withheld his rent.  We just issued a 72-hour notice to him, and after expiration of the 72 hours (plus three days, since we’d mailed the notice to him), we filed an eviction against him in court.  He got an attorney, filed a number of counterclaims against us, and tendered the month’s rent into court. What do we do?