Death of a Tenant

Phil Querin Q&A: Death of Tenant in Community Owned Home Disposal of Personal Property


Question: I have a question regarding a resident’s death in our community where the only thing he left was his personal belongings and cars on the space. The landlord owned the home and had been subleasing to the resident. After he passed away, his foster brothers were notified, and they have gone through the home, and presumably took what they wanted. There is no will.  What does the landlord do at this point?  How would this be different if the resident owned the home?



Phil Querin: Q&A: Death of a Tenant While Temporary Occupant Residing in Premises

Question:  A resident passed away in our community. There was a person living in the home at the time under a Temporary Occupant Agreement. However, it does not expire for several more months. Rent is paid up until the end of the month. What should the landlord do? Can he/she give a notice longer than the 24 hour notice of eviction which seems cruel given the circumstances? Should he/she use a 30 day notice? Should management accept rent from the temporary occupant for the following month?