24-Hour Notice and Eviction

Phil Querin Q&A: Street Lights - Adding and Maintaining


Questions. We want to add street lighting to a section of our community that has none. The light poles will need to be placed on several of the spaces. Can we install these on the space without resident permission? Is a 24 hour notice sufficient notice?  What do you suggest? Secondly, we also want to repair broken street lights that are on a number of resident spaces. Can we go on the space with a 24 hour notice? What if the resident objects?


Phil Querin Q&A: Meth User and Eviction


Question:  We have a resident who was recently arrested for meth possession in the park and for a variety of other offenses (identity theft, etc.). We want evict the tenant for the meth possession. The 30-day notice of termination under ORS 90.630 is curable, and MHCO’s Form #43 for a violation asks us to describe the remedy. But we want the resident out for good. Is there a remedy in this case that will work?   



Phil Querin Q&A: Sub Leasing and Eviction

Question: An occupant lives in a home that is sub leased from her father. The father, who is the official tenant on the lease, does not live in the home.  The occupant has been in the house since the beginning of January.  The occupant was asked at the time to complete and submit a criminal background check, but refused. So the occupant is living there as an unauthorized person. The father has given the occupant (his daughter) an eviction notice.  They went to court, and the judge told them to come back in two weeks. This morning the occupant gave the community owner a money order for February rent.  What should the community owner do with the money order. Should it be returned?  Should the community owner issue a 24 hour notice since the occupant is there without another person in the home having signed a rental agreement?  Or should the community owner give a no cause eviction?